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NEW Release!


This CD will be available on Jan, 1 2020.

Order now through Adrienne HERE

"Adrienne is the dream of a bard come true. Her songs are mythic, her voice a rolling river of light. She gets the cosmic joke and the stunning sorrow of this world in the same gorgeous breath"

     - Mirabai Starr, Author. Speaker. "Wild Mercy" "Caravan of No Despair" "God of Love"

“Adrienne has a beautiful and unique voice that I have always enjoyed and admired, and it is the spirit she brings to the music and her wise demeanor that makes her songwriting so special"  

      - Jimmy la Fave - National Recording Artist

"These snazzy songs are a CELEBRATION of our life experience,

the good times and yes, even the hard times!"

- Adrienne Braswell 

No Rest From LoveAdrienne Braswell
00:00 / 02:31

1st Track Sample - a tasty little morsel for you

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