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This new release will be available on for listening samples and ordering January 1, 2020. TO ORDER NOW: Contact me here


1. No Rest From Love

2. Kind Face

3. This Here Train (Sittin' In Glory)

4. Roberta Black Crow

5. The Thrill Is Back

6. Great Big Yellow Sunflower

7. Let Go Left, Let Go Right

8. The Tide

9. Butterfly Boy


10. I Can Hardly Wait

No Rest From Love.mAdrienne Braswell
00:00 / 02:31
Roberta Black Crow Adrienne Braswell
00:00 / 04:23
Butterfly Boy Adrienne Braswell
00:00 / 03:27

"I can't seem to get no rest from love, so far!" This is the first line from the first song on my new release Great Big Yellow Sunflower.  In the beginning, it was a sad old dirge, then somehow, it flipped itself into a peppy Motown-ish offering!  Whew! Thank Goodness, the Muse has its way with me.

I do think you'll love it as I do.


These songs widely range from folk-rock ballads that drive through West Texas in cars keeping time with trains to a more Americana feel as they strum and drum their way up to the high mesa and mountain big skies of northern New Mexico. The songs keep on going from there and eventually pass through some bigger shinier town where we move and groove through jazzier numbers till finally an  acoustic guitar plays in time with the salty waves where a piano is also waiting for an even softer number.

In the end, a little cabaret love song for the world. 

As for what the songs are talking about, well, stories that continue to discover and reinforce faith in humanity and self - even in cases of loss, presumed failure, and cultural differences.

Texas's finest musicians join this winning compilation.

Warren Hood. Roscoe Beck. Melody Ackerman. Paul Pearcy. Glenn Fukunaga.

Chip Dolan. Michael Cross. David Carroll. Tommy Byrd.

Adrienne Braswell - Blue Door High-Res.j

I am so bad ass here. I was angrier, but I was cool. 

(I'm still cool), just in a different way.

Blue Door is restless and blue and expectant all at once.

The songs are amazing. The production is exquisite. The musicians are some of the best that New Mexico has to offer.


  Best Blues Song ‘Scrawny White Girl’ in the New Mexico Music Industry   

                                       Awards of 2004. 

          It's straight ahead 12 bar blues and also tongue n' cheek.

    The funny girl in me keeps winning hands down over the blue me.

I only have a few left.

These songs are being recompiled for further availability.

Get this compilation while you can.


Some songs are stories.  Some just want to groove awhile.

The self-examined life.

 From fun-loving ireverrance to honoring the sacred in us all.

Some are tongue n' cheek – like “Scrawny White Girl"!

Love with all its ups and downs and all-arounds

Scenes from my Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana roots 

And the Rootlessness of short and long stops


…The Tiny Steps to Awakeness and some Big Back-Stepping too.....

...And then we pick ourselves up again to an Uptempo!

This record is temporarily unavailable online,

re-release to be announced - still some left, though! 

To purchase contact me

1. Thank You For My Poverty 

2. Armada

3. Blue Door 

4. Breathe Under Water



5. Beautiful Dream 

6. Scrawny White Girl 

7. Let the Cotton Go 

8. Life of Luxury 

9. Coyoteo

10. Meaning of Goodbye 

Breathe Underwater.mp3Adrienne Braswell
00:00 / 04:57
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